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Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Monsen-Baer Collection of Roseville Pottery

Humler & Nolan is pleased to present the Monsen-Baer Collection of Roseville Pottery. Randy Monsen and Rodney Baer amassed several hundreds of pieces of Roseville in a rather short period of time including amazing examples of Futura, Falline, Baneda, Sunflower, Carnelian II, Imperial II, Pine Cone, Cherry Blossom, Ferella, Dahlrose, Dawn, Fuchsia, Montacello, Jonquil, Woodcraft, Russco, Moss, Panel, Windsor, Blackberry, Wisteria, Morning Glory, Cosmos, Earlam, Thorn Apple, Iris, Art Craft, Tuscany, Victorian Art, Moderne, Luffa, Poppy, Teasel, Columbine, Clemana, Bleeding Heart and Silhouette Nudes. Included are many rare Experimental pieces and Trial Glaze pieces and at least 20 jardinieres and pedestals. With Randy's recent passing, Rod has graciously allowed Humler & Nolan to offer the finest pieces of the collection in this auction.  

In the process of collecting, Randy Monsen wrote two very important books dealing with specific lines of Roseville and many of the pieces in this sale are pictured in those texts. The first volume deals with Futura, Falline, Earlam, Art Craft, Cosmos and Artwood and is considered by many to the be the go-to book for these lines. The second volume covers Baneda, Cremona, Ferella, Laurel, Montacello and Wincraft and is as well respected as the first. The collection of Futura seems to include every example made by Roseville including the Chinese Bronze and the Tank. Much of the Futura Collection originally came from Lewis Bettinger, Sr. and Alice Bettinger Collection and these lots are noted in Randy's book. There are also rare Futura shapes with Carnelian II glazes that just don't show up anymore.  

Much of Randy Monsen's interest in Roseville coincides with a similar love of the work of Frank Ferrell, the design genius who created many of Roseville's most stylish Art Deco lines.  When reading Randy's thoughts on Ferrell and Roseville design, it is easy to see the enthusiasm for the lines in his books and to feel a kinship with Ferrell's work.  If you are not familiar with Randy's books, you owe yourself a chance to read them and catch a glimpse of that enthusiasm and the knowledge contained there.  

Rod and Randy also collected unique Ferrell pieces from Weller and Peters and Reed and these will appear in our June, 2015 Auction of American and European pottery.  

It is safe to assume that nearly all of the lines in the two Monsen books that are in this sale are pictured in the books themselves.  

We hope you enjoy this sale of rare and unusual Roseville and in buying a piece or two, continue the joy of collecting that Rod and Randy brought to the art pottery world.