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Friday, July 27, 2012

The Townley Collection to be Sold at Holiday Sale 2012

Humler & Nolan is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Collection of Arthur and Rita Townley, to be sold at auction during Holiday Sale 2012, December 1-2.

Longtime Art Pottery enthusiasts Arthur & Rita Townley spent much of their life savings to purchase the Rookwood Pottery Company and its remaining assets in 1982. At the time, overseas manufacturing firms were threatening to make the former Cincinnati, Ohio pottery a foreign owned entity, for the first time since its beginnings in the 1880’s. The Townleys spent the next thirteen years cataloging, organizing and preserving the legacy of the company that was once considered America’s finest Art Pottery.

The Townleys only released a few, limited runs of newer Rookwood items, based on the molds of the original pottery. Most of their efforts were focused on the preservation of the integrity of this iconic American name.

Arthur Townley passed in September, 2011, prompting the consignment of the long held collection of rare Rookwood Pottery as well as a number of other American and European pottery pieces.