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Monday, November 5, 2018

A Rare and Important French Red Sells

1155.1A 14 1/8 inch, rare and important Rookwood Pottery French Red vase, lot number 1155, sold for a hammer price of $25,000 ($29,500 with Buyer's Premium) during the Rookwood session of Holiday Sale 2018. The vase was decorated by Sara Sax in 1923. The rich red color was imported from France and used infrequently because of its cost. This example is perhaps the Magnum Opus of French Red, being at once the largest example to employ intricate incised and enameled glazes over a dull finish ground and easily the most complex. The pattern of tulips and lilies repeats three times around the vase with Greek key designs around the base. Each area of color is first outlined by incising in the wet clay and the rich colors are then applied in heavy slip. Several other areas of decoration are simply incised. The rich French Red is used on many of the flowers and as a lining for the vase’s interior. Marks include the Rookwood logo, date, shape 2246 C and the artist’s monogram. Height is 14 1/8 inches. Uncrazed and extremely clean. This vase was the cover lot for Rookwood IV and a copy of that catalog as well as a framed cover are included in the lot. Est. 15000-20000.1155.41155.2