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Dec. 21, 2017 — 09 AM - 4 PM

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Lot No. 0023

Manufacturer: Rookwood

Artist: Arthur Townley

Description: Commemorative Rookwood Pottery advertising sign created by former Rookwood owner Dr. Arthur Townley in 2005. The sign, cast from an original Rookwood mold, is covered in a gold craquelure glaze over black. Dr. Townley produced limited runs of Rookwood shapes using Rookwood molds he received with the purchase of the company and its assets. Marked on the bottom with an impressed Rookwood Pottery logo with “2005”, “S” and “6” etched into the surface. There is glaze loss on one R as well as separations and glaze loss on both ends. Height is 4 inches by 13 5/8 inches wide.

Size: 4

Estimate: $100.00 - $100.00

Reserve Price: $100.00

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