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June 2015

Jun. 6, 2015 — 02 PM - 3 PM

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Lot No. 0529

Manufacturer: A.R. Shulz

Artist: Adolph Robert Shulz

Description: Adolph Robert Shulz (American, Wisconsin, Indiana 1869 - 1963) oil on artist board, a softly lit Spring scene of trees beside a lake with a few puffy white clouds in the sky. Signed in the lower right hand corner. Glued to the back of the board is an old exhibition label which reads: ““# 168 “Along the Creek Bottom” by Adolph Shulz $200.00 This is a remarkably fine achievement in the difficult green tones of summer, in Brown County, Indiana. The streams are only shallow pools connected by thin trickles of clear water during the hot period. The banks are covered with a rich growth of wild flowers, berries, green briar and hazel brush with an occasional clump of persimmon (sic) or paw-paw growths. An exquisite work in green and violets.” Below that is another label with Mr. Shulz’s biography and a list of awards ending in the year 1918 which suggests this work may have been done shortly after World War I. Sight size is 19 1/2 by 23 1/2 inches and with newer finished corner frame and liner it is 28 1/2 by 32 1/2 inches in total. Excellent condition but could use a light cleaning.

Estimate: $7,000.00 - $9,000.00